Remote Work Startup “Teamed” Raised $3M in Funding

Remote work startup
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The firm Teamed, which is fueling the “work from home” revolution, has received a $3 million seed investment.

Along with Nexus Investments and 1818 Venture Capital, Blackfinch Group has been leading the funding effort, which will allow the employment platform to hasten the expansion of its international operations and finance a hiring push.mAdditionally, it will maintain the business’s course for the anticipated five-fold expansion in 2023.

“We passionately believe that everyone should have access to exciting career opportunities, no matter their geographical location or background and that no one should have to sacrifice their careers because of where they live. Our service-led approach has enabled us to secure a foothold in the remote working market, which is exploding right now and will continue to do so in the years ahead. We also believe organizations should not be held back from hiring the right talent based on their geographic foundations.” Antony Vallee, CEO, Teamed

With its service-led platform, which eliminates the laborious process of legally hiring talent from anywhere in the world, Teamed has had a 30% month-over-month increase since 2020.

Teamed makes it possible for organizations to efficiently hire people from nations where they do not have a physical presence or a legal right to do business by managing human resources, compliance, and payroll. And by doing so, it enables companies to get the talent they require, regardless of their location, without needless price or delay.

A significant component of Teamed’s business offering is providing outstanding customer service while having social responsibility. It currently boasts a 100% customer retention rate.

“Teamed has a strong management team, led by an experienced founder with deep domain expertise. Over the past year, it has expanded operations globally, making a real impact in countries where employment opportunities are lacking, and posted impressive 10x annual recurring revenue growth. In doing so, it has secured a tenfold growth in its customer base, bringing on board clients who have been disappointed with the service received from technology-focused players in the market.” Dr Reuben Wilcock, ventures director,Blackfinch

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