Will Remote Work Policies In the UK Survive Post-pandemic?

remote work policies UK

According to a survey, most managers will stop remote work policies in the UK after the official end of the pandemic. 

During the first lockdown, remote positions in the United Kindom reached their higher rates. However, most managers don’t think to continue remote work policies for the upcoming years. 

Ipsos conducted a survey for workplace management firm GoodShape. According to their findings, UK managers and HR leaders think current remote and virtual initiatives are necessary. And 66% of UK managers support current remote work policies from office tasks to mental-health provision. However, only 34% of them think that these arrangements will stay in place after the pandemic. 

In addition, managers and HR leaders expect mental health initiatives for remote workers to decrease with the return to the office – despite it being the first cause of absenteeism in 2021. 

After over two years of pandemics, most employees expect flexibility in the workplace. According to several surveys, people are willing to agree on pay cuts to stay remote. But there are other issues related to communication and cyber-security. 

As a result, companies planning to their office workplace need to re-adjust again. And an immediate stop of remote work policies in the UK could lead to burnout and turnover. 


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