Remote Work Policies Are a Priority for 77% of Employees

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According to a recent survey by Axios Harry, Millennials are accelerating the adoption of remote work. The survey results show that 84% of Millenials consider remote work to be a top priority, followed by 75% of Gen Xers, 68% of Boomers, and 66% of Gen Zers. 

For the majority of employees, and even job seekers, finding a flexible work environment is a priority. Especially after the pandemic, priorities drastically changed. Whereas before, benefits that involved the work culture were highly considered, now flexibility and the possibility to work remotely have gained relevancy. 

Axios Harris: Remote Work Poll

The survey revealed that for 77% of Americans, remote work is a top priority. Millennials, in particular, feel flexible policies are the most important aspect of a job.

What´s interesting about the Axios Harris Poll is how the perception of remote work changes depending on each generation. For instance, many millennials have gained a higher status in the workplace and have also become parents with new challenges ahead. Because of this, flexibility becomes the best arrangement for younger workers who want to dedicate time to their families but who also want to grow and succeed professionally. 

The only challenge is that many executives still remain resistant to embracing fully remote work and flexibility. The survey also highlights that 83% of Americans say that the pandemic proved that more jobs could effectively be performed remotely without a loss in productivity. 

Surprisingly, over 40% of respondents said they would move to a job that offers flexibility, even if that meant having a pay cut. 


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