Remote Work Platform Workspace 365 Sets Up Base in Manchester

Remote work platform
Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

A brand-new Dutch digital workplace platform chose Manchester as the location of its British headquarters before making its official entrance into the UK.

Workspace 365 makes business software simpler, enabling teams to function more effectively and people to be more productive.

Workspace 365, located at Spaces in the heart of Manchester, enables users to access all of their software needs through a single adaptive visual dashboard, either on a computer or a mobile device via an app, and increases productivity by reclaiming up to 30 minutes of each employee’s daily working time.

“Our continued growth in the Netherlands is testament to the increasing organisational need for user friendly, bespoke digital workspaces, accelerated by the hybrid working movement in response to Covid. Workspace 365 is a unique product which we were keen to launch in the UK to enable British businesses to meet growing employee demand for digital workplace experiences. With its thriving tech ecosystem and talent pool, Manchester was the natural location for our UK headquarters, and we’re excited to be a part of this great city.”Erik Nicolai, CEO and co-founder, Workspace 365

With Workspace 365, the traditional computer desktop is replaced by a customized, employee-focused digital workspace solution. The interface enables users to access the specific software components they require to complete their tasks from any location and on any internet-connected device.

Users no longer need to open separate windows for operations like word processing, spreadsheets, web surfing, or email because the apps are accessible from the one-stop Workspace 365 platform and will be tailored to each individual user depending on their needs.

Workspace 365’s streamlined single sign-on is one of its primary advantages since it dramatically lowers password management worries and makes the solution usable by those with less IT literacy.

The system, which is now in use in continental Europe, was created with a clear focus on progression. Every user gets a customized dashboard that is in line with the requirements of their position, regardless of how those requirements may change, and new updates are issued every three weeks. This includes the Hub, a platform where announcements are made that are both tailored to the individual employee and company-wide.

Workspace 365, which targets medium-to-large enterprises with 200+ workers, enables a seamless move to the cloud by integrating technologies into a secure, browser-based workspace that can be accessed as an app on any device.

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