Remote Work Platform Jarvo Sets New Crowdfunding Record

Remote work crowdfunding
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Jarvo, a remote work platform, has set a new record for the fastest crowdfunding on the Seedrs platform, reaching its funding target in just 42 seconds.

Jarvo raised its £200,000 target in less than a minute, generating £360,000, indicating it is 82% overfunded. Jarvo is a platform that hopes to let individuals rent out empty areas in their houses for those who don’t have space to work from home.

In 2016, Monzo held the previous record with 96 seconds.

The Jarvo platform, which is essentially “AirBnB for WFH,” was created to eliminate the need for commutes to work locations. The firm allows homeowners to share workplaces in their neighbourhood enabling remote teams to stay connected.

By promoting their additional workspace as potential work-ready places, users can also make extra money. Jarvo’s fundraising success illustrates how employee behavior changed, as a third of UK workers continue to do their work from home.

“The traditional office space is dead, and while co-working spaces have opened up a world of collaboration, they also bring a host of challenges with them. They’re rigid, expensive and require lengthy commutes which people are just not prepared to do anymore. The future of work needs is one which is decentralised, diverse and truly sustainable – something which consumers are also championing.”Daniel Hillman, Founder, Jarvo

At the height of the outbreak, Hillman launched Jarvo, which had already attracted 1,000 homeowners eager to market their rooms as “workspaces.” The platform has a waiting list of more than 13,500 users, and the company wants to enter other regions.

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