79% Say Remote Work Option is a Necessity

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A CareerBuilder survey finds out that according to 79%, remote work is a necessity in today´s workforce. The survey indagated how US employees currently felt regarding remote work and how it has helped (or affected them) since the pandemic.

It´s not surprising to see how remote work has changed the views on work for most people. Employees embrace remote work not only because it enables them to choose where they want to work but also because of the work-life balance. Aspects such as mental health and wellbeing, in most cases, improve when employers build flexible workplace policies.

CareerBuilder Survey: Remote Work is a Necessity

According to the CareerBuilder survey, 79% of respondents feel remote work option is a necessity. Here are other key findings:

  • 69% of US employed adults feel positive about remote work
  • 61% affirm they work better remotely than in the office
  • 77% of employed job seekers place at least some importance on the remote work option when evaluating job opportunities
  • 21% say its essential to have the option to work remotely to determine if the role is right for them
  • Most employed adults prioritize work over other incentives, including the potential for advancement (34%), job security (33%), and better company culture (24%).

As Susana Arthur, CEO of CareerBuilder, mentioned according to Yahoo: 

“This data shows that job seekers and employees are seeing the value in a changing work environment, and this type of flexibility has become a priority in the scope of their current and future careers. We are also seeing these sentiments translate directly on our site – employers who include a work from home or remote option are currently attracting seven times more applicants.” 


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