Majority Of Londoners Would Rather Quit Than Work In The Office Full-Time: Survey

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A new survey by Bloomberg Intelligence has found that 75% of Londoners would quit their job if asked to return to the office full-time.

Londoners may be ready to bid farewell to their office jobs if they’re asked to return to the office full-time, according to a recent survey by Bloomberg Intelligence. It found that a whopping 75% of Londoners would quit their job if their work-from-home privilege was taken away.

Employees surveyed revealed that they would request a salary hike that beats current inflation levels if asked to work from the office, showing their confidence in their bargaining power. This is despite the current economic slowdown in the UK. The researchers also note that despite the slowdown, the unemployment rate remains low and Londoners often complain of shortage of skill.

To retain talent, experts believe that employers will need to work harder, with many workers unwilling to return to the office despite recent wage increases. According to the survey, wages rose by 6.4% in the last three months of 2022. But with rail fares also increasing, many individuals remain hesitant to make the commute.

The survey also found that the percentage of staff working fully remotely in London’s businesses fell from 24% in June to 19%. Despite a fondness for working from home, it seems that some Londoners are already returning to the office in some capacity.


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