Central London Could Lose Up to 835,000 Jobs Because of Remote Work

London City
Big Ben and Houses of parliament in London, UK

An Advanced Workplace Associates report shared that around 41% – 835,000 – people living and working in Central London could continue doing their jobs away from the office. As remote work continues to take part in most businesses, employees have started to move outside London.

By this time of the year, some businesses have reopened their onsite offices. As people continue to get vaccinated, returning to the office is now a possibility with the necessary protocols. However, as various studies have demonstrated, most employees want to continue working remotely. Or at least work some days of the week remotely.

The Impact of Remote Work in Central London

The pandemic made businesses forcibly start working remotely. Now that things are slowly returning to normality, 835,000 jobs could continue to go under the remote model in central London.

The Advanced Workplaces Associates, a consultancy firm based in the UK capital, revealed that 41% of people that live and work in central London would continue performing their jobs outside the office. The company analyzed 13 London boroughs and the city of London. They found that most of the people performing their jobs under the remote model work in the service sector.  

Andrew Mawson and Lara Al Ansari, founding partners of AWA, told Bloomberg:

More people may now have the ability to decide their living conditions based on their personal preferences, rather than where they work. The movement towards flexibility is not new, it has just been accelerated by the experiences of working during the pandemic.

Younger employees seek lower rental costs, and those with families prefer larger spaces than apartments in the city.


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