Remote Work Increases Employee Happiness by 20%

employee working remotely

According to a study by Tracking Happiness, remote work makes employees happier. Workers who work full-time from home were 20% happier on average than those who worked from the office.

The Tracking Happiness study surveyed 12,455 employees about their work conditions. 65.1% of respondents were men, and 34.5% were women. Most respondents were from North America (38.6%), 36.1% from Asia, 19.5% from South America, and 5.1% from Europe. 

Key Findings: Employees & Remote Work 

The Tracking Happiness survey evaluated the work conditions and feelings of employees.  

These are the key findings:

  • Employees who work remotely are 20% happier than those who don´t
  • Millennials are the happiest when working remotely
  • In most cases, returning to onsite work after the pandemic reduces employee happiness
  • Commute makes employee happiness decreases
  • Happiness at work is correlated with life happiness – it explains 27% of happiness in life.

The Founder of Tracking Happiness, Hugo Huijer, concluded that companies could improve employee happiness simply by enabling them to work remotely from time to time. He mentioned in tracking happiness blog post:

“Having your employees work from an office might make sense in the short term. But if it results in employee unhappiness, it can result in a drop in sustainability and performance that can be far more severe than an empty office building.”

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