Remote Work Opportunities For Displaced Ukrainians 

remote work displaced Ukrainians

A new partnership between Upwork and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) will provide remote work opportunities for displaced Ukrainians.

After the Russian attack, most Ukrainian had to move away to escape bombing and war. This event highly impacts the job market on a global scale. As a result, this partnership will offer new remote work opportunities for displaced Ukrainians. 

First, IOM will gather displaced jobseekers in Ukraine and close countries to map their skills and match candidates for the Upwork platform. Second, they will provide basic training and support services. And assist members in establishing their professional figure as a freelancer. Finally, Upwork will complete the training to onboard members and connect them with employers. 

Partnership to provide remote work opportunities for displaced Ukrainians:

After the beginning of the war, data show an estimated 4.8 million lost jobs within the Ukrainian economy (International Labour Organization). So, besides humanitarian assistance, IOM and its partners are shifting toward a longer-term approach to meet to support the displaced population and give them the means to start a new life. 

So, Upwork will connect applicants with different remote job opportunities. Projects will range from data entry to accounting to web design. The goal is to offer a wide range of openings to cover as many skill sets as possible. 

As  Patrick Hedren, Upwork’s Global Head of Public Policy & Government Affairs, said: “We recognize the importance of bringing opportunities to vulnerable, displaced populations and the transformative role online freelance platforms like Upwork can play in this area. While we are starting our cooperation with IOM in the context of Ukraine, we are committed to seeing how IOM and the Upwork team can help to empower displaced populations in other regions as well.” 

Remote work opportunities for displaced Ukrainians is another example of the potential of virtual workplaces to face social crisis. 


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