Remote Work In Nebraska Could Decrease During the Next Months


According to the report “Nebraska Space Use Survey: The Influence of the COVID-19 Pandemic,” remote work has leveled off. While the pandemic significantly increases the number of people working from home, now that things are back to normal, managers don´t expect this trend to continue growing. 

Remote work in a global context has increased. For some companies, it became the new work model. But others are still reluctant and continue to call employees back at the office.

Nebraska & Remote Work 

The report Nebraska Space Use Survey revealed interesting insights into the state of remote work. According to Eric Thomspon, the economist who led the study (Nebraska Examiner):

“Remote working has grown, but managers don’t expect it will grow further in the next year. The flip side is they don’t think it’s a temporary thing. They’re expecting this increase to hold.”

Additionally, half of the business survey expects to maintain office space for the in-house workers and for those working remotely who occasionally would want to report to the office. 

Respondents said they had not reduced their physical office spaces. 90% mentioned they hadn´t changed the square footage. Only 7% mentioned they increased it, and 3.7% reduced it. 

Other key findings:

  • 28% of businesses are more comfortable with remote work since the pandemic. 
  • 35% of the respondents located in Omaha or Lincoln have become more at ease with remote work. 
  • 79% of respondents believed that in-person work is vital to the company´s operations. 

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