Survey Finds Out That Remote Work Boosts Income and Savings

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According to a survey by Deel, a global remote hiring platform, remote work didn´t only increased due to Covid-19, but also helped people to boost their income and savings. 

The pandemic brought many positive changes in the workplace environment. Employees realized they could have a better work-life balance, less stress, and manage their time more effectively. However, this also meant the opportunity to reduce their expenses for many. 

Deel Survey: Key Findings of Remote Work

Deel surveyed 667 global users from 86 countries about the impact of remote work. Here are some of the key results:

  • Remote work has boosted incomes for over 59% of respondents
  • 35% said that remote work has helped them find their dream job
  • 92% of respondents with families including kids up to 5 years highlighted that remote work made it possible for them to overcome productivity and growth-related obstacles.
  • 39% of respondents relocated to be closer to friends and family
  • 30% take longer trips
  • 21% are paying less for their home
  • 14% moved to their dream city
  • And 9% mentioned that they had had more time to improve their health due to remote work. 

One of the main highlights from the survey was that remote work enabled people to earn and save more money, with increased salaries and reduced travel. In other cases, as people relocated, they were able to move to places with lower living costs. According to the survey, 59% of respondents said that they now receive bigger pay because of remote work, while 64% state that it helps them increase their savings. 


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