Remote and Hybrid Workers Use Libraries to Reduce Bills

Remote hybrid workers libraries
Photo by Devon Divine on Unsplash

According to new network statistics and research from connectivity provider TalkTalk Business, hybrid workers are preferring to work in nearby businesses and libraries to lower their home energy expenditures.

More than half of hybrid employees recently worked from a local venue, according to TalkTalk’s most current Internet Insights study, which shows considerable year over year increases in internet usage at libraries, coffee shops, pubs, and restaurants throughout the UK.

One-half of individuals who previously worked at such alternate locations now do so just one or two days per week, and a further third trade their homes for nearby shops or libraries three or four days per week. One in ten people now spend the whole five-day workweek in local venues.

Commercial real estate across the world has also taken a hit after remote and hybrid work models thrived. Most office buildings are not operational as most businesses have shifted their working model to a remote or hybrid one. Having said that, the only commercial properties that are seeing major profits are venues such as cafés and libraries where remote workers spend their working hours.

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