Is Remote Hiring The End Of CVs?

remote hiring

The Dutch HR tech startup, TestGorilla, launched a new and short skills-based test to speed up remote hiring. Besides testing candidates’ skills, the system avoids unconscious bias coming up with lame CVs or gender/race issues. 

The global pandemic forced a massive shift to remote work. As a result, most companies needed new strategies for the remote hiring process. TestGorilla allows testing remotely soft skills and cognitive abilities, specific skills, and language proficiency. Launched by serial entrepreneur Wouter Durville and former Bain & Company Partner Otto Verhage, the test replaces CV screening and removes unconscious biases in the remote hiring process.

After nine months, the Dutch start-up secured over 1,500 corporate clients. Among their clients are brand leaders such as the NHS, Sony, PepsiCo, and Bain & Company. Thanks to its effective hiring system, TestGorilla raised $10 million in a Seed funding round. A committee led by SaaS-specialist VC and Indeed co-founder Paul Forster, among others, recognized the immense potential of this remote hiring strategy. 

“We’re removing bias because we’re making hiring very data-driven. Instead of just looking at a CV and looking at the big brands mentioned or the picture version of the person or how connected you are to a person, we are saying, hey, use these tests and test for different things that predict job success like cognitive ability or personality to fit with your culture. Then based on all the data you can automatically sort to see all your candidates, from the best to the worst, then make a decision on who you will invite into your recruiting process.”TestGorilla Co-Founder, Wouter Durville

The shift to remote work impacts several industries transforming the workforce, and consequently, the remote hiring process. 


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