New Partnership To Build Global Teams

build global teams

Today, HR tech platform Remote and HR cloud provider BambooHR announced a partnership. The integrated recruitment platform allows building global teams safely and quickly. 

Remote specializes in managing full-time remote contracts for companies of all sizes. On the other hand, BambooHR is an HR software for small and medium businesses. So, companies can safely manage employees in a personalized cloud-based system.  

New Platform Integration To Build Global Teams

Following this new partnership, customers can build global teams faster. As a result, managers can:

  • Sync essential recruitment data.
  • Automatically share employee profile updates.
  • Manage time-off requests.
  • Transfer information between the Remote and BambooHR platforms.

The aim is to support the productivity of HR teams. The automation system will speed up repetitive tasks and minimize manual data entry. 

So, the software integration supports the hiring and onboarding process, reducing errors and bottlenecks. As Remote CEO and co-founder Job van der Voort says: “At Remote, we’re committed to empowering companies of all sizes to employ global talent easily and thrive in the new era of remote work. Remote is joining forces with BambooHR to help companies fuel their growth through connected data and greater access to global talent. Together, we are excited to simplify global employment further and empower HR teams with the most innovative tools to meet their needs.”

And Shama Madhvani, Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at BambooHR, adds: “For companies looking to scale internationally, it’s crucial to empower their HR teams to take action quickly and provide them with integrated tools that drive efficiency. Remote is a great fit to be our first employer of record (EOR) integration because their local infrastructure offers HR teams globally a scalable, affordable, and flexible option with full transparency into the onboarding process.”

To conclude, remote work remains a strong trend. The pandemic impacted HR strategies and work arrangements worldwide. As a result, managers need efficient solutions to build global teams and grow remote businesses. 


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You're interested in news & tips about remote work? What luck! That's what we do! Better join our newsletter so we can hang out