Realogy is Renovating its Headquarters for its New Hybrid Work Structure

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Realogy CEO Ryan Schneider announced that the firm is embracing remote work, and they are preparing its headquarters to accommodate its new way of working. Instead of individual offices and workstations, the real estate services firm is looking to create a more collaborative space. Their idea is that employees work some days a week from home and other days from the office, encouraging collaboration and strengthening its company culture. 

Companies have different perspectives on how returning to the office looks like. Big tech corporations such as Google and Apple have had back and forth conversations with employees who are fighting to gain working from home rights. But in most cases, the hybrid model allows businesses to continue working in collaborative spaces and gives employees the flexibility to choose how they want to work.

Realogy’s New Headquarters 

Ryan Schneider, Realogy’s CEO, told CNBC this week that the firm is taking a hybrid approach. The new jersey-based company will fully renovate its headquarters for its new plans.

We’re charging ahead with this. … We’re knocking down walls pretty soon, and we’re making it into a much more collaborative space. Instead of having 1,000 people a day here, we want 250 a day here, but to do collaboration.

Schneider mentioned that the firm’s staff prefers a hybrid model rather than the pre-covid setup. The office continues to be important but no longer a priority as it was before. 

It gives them more time back for themselves, but also to work on our things. We’ll still have the power of collaboration in person, technology showcase, brand showcase. … We’re very excited about it.

Additionally, the CEO mentioned the importance of leaders to embrace the new changes occurring as it has substantial implications in companies’ ability to attract and retain employees.


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