(VIDEO) Should You QUIT Your Job for a REMOTE WORK Position?

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The Covid-19 pandemic left several irreversible consequences that will stay forever. But, is remote work one of them? Luis tells you all!

What would you do if your job forced you to go back to the office now? Would you accept?

The truth is, remote work became one of the best consequences of the pandemic. Now, it would be tough for you to abandon the flexibility and effective habits you’ve developed. But, should you give up on your job if they push you to go back to the office?

Watch the video to find out how to solve these kinds of problems


Should you quit your job for remote work position? Here are three questions that will let you find out. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to Virtual Coffee Chat with Luis. That’s me.

This is my nice espresso in a cup I got from Barcelona. Hot. That’s part of what we’re going to discuss today. The benefits of working remotely. But let’s say that you have a job that you enjoy, or at least that you don’t hate, but they’re calling you back to the office. So you’ve tried all you could and you’re left with the nuclear option, leave the job. They won’t let me work remotely. They want me to go back to the office. I don’t want to go back to the office. I need to use the nuclear option. I quit. Should you do it? Is this a good option? Well, let’s talk about three questions that I believe anyone in this situation should ask themselves.

Number one. Are you going to enjoy what you’re doing in your remote job? This is important. One of the main concerns when you’re working from home is self-discipline and motivation. It’s much harder to do a job that you don’t particularly enjoy if you’re not tied to a specific physical location. If you go to the office, whatever, you’re there, you’re in the office, you might as well do whatever you have to do. If you’re at home and you’re not engaged in what you have to do, you are going to be, I don’t know, drawn to so many other things that’s going to be impossible to produce what you’re expected to produce and then the job probably won’t last very long. So that’s something to consider.

Number two. Will you actually be able to benefit from being at a remote position at this point in time? So if your intent is to be remote because you want to travel around the world, well, consider that the world is still not ready for travel. So, you might just get stuck at home and start getting a little bit crazy from not having anywhere to go and not having other people to interact. So it’s important to figure out, if you quit your job and you get the remote job you want, are you actually going to be able to enjoy the positives of it? Now for some people, the answer may be yes. Let’s say for example that part of why you want to be working remotely is that so you can spend more time with your kids. Can you do that even if you can’t leave your town or country. So that would be an absolute yes, but I’m all I’m saying is that you should consider it. Maybe this is not the right time, the best time to jump from your safe work to a remote career.

Now, number three, and this is obviously in case you don’t already have a standing offer for a remote work, do you have six months of living expenses? The job market isn’t as rosy as most remote centered medium try to tell you. In some industries, there’s a lot of people hiring, but there are also other industries that are a bit harder. It’s still a crisis out there for most people. So I would say, unless you have a job line up, please make sure that you have a nice … that’s what I did, by the way, when I transitioned from my in-office job to my remote job. I made sure that I had a decent amount of living expenses covered. Something around six months. Now your risk tolerance might be lower, might be higher than mine. So you might adjust the time, but don’t quit your job in the illusion that there’s a great market for remote work out there just because you happen to be seeing remote work growing.

It’s important to know that I might be looking for a job for a while, so let’s make sure I can take care of myself and my family before I jump ship. So those are the three things. If you want to quit your job because they won’t allow remote and you want to find a remote job, number one, be sure that you can find a job doing something that you enjoy and are engaged in because you’re going to need the extra motivation. Number two, make sure that this is actually the time where you’re actually going to be able to profit personally in terms of quality of life and work-life balance from a remote job. And number three, if you don’t have a standing offer, make sure that you have some living expenses covered for several months because you might be lucky or the market might not be as rosy as the media makes it seem.

So, that’s it. Those are the three things that I’m advising you to do here in Virtual Coffee Chat with Luis. If you enjoyed this video, please press like, subscribe and share the video. That’s actually how can it can help the most. If you enjoy the video, please share it. I would like to reach many, many more people. And of course, if you liked the advice, please go to thankremote.com where we have a lot more where that came from. It’s a website completely dedicated to providing advice and news about the remote work world. So it’s Luis, and see what you tomorrow.


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