Publicis Announced Its New Remote Work Initiative

Remote work

Publicis Groupe, a French multinational advertising and public relations company,  announced today new paid leave entitlements and a remote work initiative. The company’s staff is now able to temporarily work interstate or overseas to spend time with immediate family members.

The new initiative is a consequence of the constant lockdowns in Australia and New Zealand that made many people stop seeing their loved ones for a few months. Because of this, the company wanted to provide the staff with the opportunity to visit their family while also having the option to continue working or taking an extended leave. 

Michael Rebelo, Publicis CEO, mentioned that their approach always focuses on finding ways to help the staff fit work in their lives, not the other way around. He shared:

“Further, as part of our acknowledgement of people’s varied, lived experiences we have reviewed our leave policies to ensure we have an inclusive support framework that reflects our diverse workforce.”

The new paid leave entitlements include:

  • Gender affirmation leave (10 days)
  • Family violence leave (10 days)
  • Fertility treatment leave (10 days)
  • Miscarriage leave (5 days)
  • Compassionate leave (5 days)

The company also changed the title of Persona leave to Wellbeing leave recognizing that when people get sick it can also be due to mental health reasons.


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