PRC Awarded The Top Spot in “Remote Work: Top Ten Courses”

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Powers Resource Center (PRC), a Boulder-based talent development and leadership training company that specializes in remote work, is pleased to announce that its course Virtual Leadership Excellence Program has been named the number one course on’s list of the “Top 10 Most Popular Remote Work Courses.”

“We are thrilled to be recognized in the ever-evolving landscape of work from home, hybrid and flexible work schedules that is today’s corporate reality. As companies struggle to find and retain good employees, many are turning to proactive methods to build a stronger culture and more cohesive teams as they support new organizational structures and workplace dynamics. In the era of the Great Resignation, companies have embraced the value of making teams stronger to head off the viral trend of corporate exodus that was fueled by the pandemic. Employees are no longer tolerating an unhealthy or unbalanced workplace. Forward-thinking leaders are finding ways to offer employees productive and meaningful work within a positive company culture that results in employee satisfaction and retention.” Tara Powers, CEO of PRC

The Virtual Leadership Excellence Program is a completely unique learning management system offered by PRC. Despite the fact that this approach is intended for bigger businesses, there are courses for teams of different sizes and office configurations. Each curriculum is created to address important team effectiveness factors that lead to peak performance. The PRC team has experience assessing team health and developing timely, comprehensive, and successful programmes to maximize on team strengths and foster trust- and respect-based team cultures.

“While employees have found new freedoms in working from home and other non-traditional work structures, it is critical to meet employees where they are. It’s universally beneficial to examine and improve what already exists; to find out what is working and build upon it. I have been delivering programs focused on virtual team effectiveness with my clients for over 8 years. They are a robust and proven asset for building stronger and more cohesive hybrid teams.”Tara Powers, CEO of PRC

Powers is the author of Virtual Teams for Dummies and Working from Home for Dummies. She is an expert in leadership development, keynote speaker, program creator, trainer, and executive coach who works with CEOs and businesses to update workspaces for the hybrid workplace. She is a qualified facilitator of Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead and an approved partner for the Wiley line of workplace assessment tools.

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