PLDT Enterprise Presents Its Wireless Technologies To Boost Remote Work

PLDT Enterprise remote work

PLDT Enterprise is promoting wireless solutions to improve remote communication for distributed and hybrid workplaces. Based in the Philippines, the B2B department of the telecommunications company offers a wide range of digital solutions to optimize virtual teams’ efforts and productivity.  

Recently, PLDT Enterprise launched the brand campaign ‘Unbreakable’ to celebrate past year’s challenges. The company is now promoting an extension of the previous campaign. ‘Defy Limits’ aims to improve remote work experience. 

Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups Jovy Hernandez highlights the company’s effort “to make a positive impact on every single business. With remote work now at the forefront because of the pandemic, we ensure that businesses can defy limits via mobility solutions. You do not just work from home, but hopefully soon, work from anywhere.”

PLDT Enterprise Wireless Solutions for Remote Work    

The company is working with Smart 5G to create new technologies for remote workplace. Improving speed and ultra-low latency, wireless devices can improve remote companies’ operations and productivity. 

Since October 2020, Smart and Nokia are collaborating on The Smart IoT Platform. The project aims to improve complete control, visibility, and connectivity throughout based services.

Smart Enterprise Postpaid allows businesses to access voice, SMS, and data services with a mobile phone. Thanks to Smart’s LTE network, companies can connect with employees and customers improving data collection and user experience. 

Likewise, with Smart Bro, you can navigate with family and friends simultaneously and from different devices. Further, Biz LTE is Smart Bro’s Fixed Wireless Broadband service for small offices or vehicles. 

Smart Tracker is a GPS tracking system to monitor a company’s vehicles anytime and anywhere. After that, Bizload is a web-based portal for employees, faculty, and students. Finally, the Application-to-Peer (A2P) Smart Messaging Suite enables sending high-volume SMS with a simple online account.

The PLDT Enterprise promotes wireless solutions to look ahead and empower the digital tools for the future remote workforce. 


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