Pfizer´s Chief Commercial Officer Says It´s Time to Return to the Office

Pfizer building

For Angela Hwang, Pfizer´s President and Chief Commercial Officer, returning to the office and having in-person interactions are essential to the workplace. While remote work enabled them to make their operations despite the health crisis, Angela believes it´s not the ideal environment to work in. 

Elon Musk made controversy when demanding employees return to the office or “work elsewhere.” However, many other globals have similar thoughts when debating between remote and in-person work. And Angela Hwang is among those who believe that remote work is not the best solution for the long term.

Pfizer´s Chief Commercial Officer Thoughts on Remote Work 

Angela Hwang told Business Insider that while Pfizer was able to succeed while developing an effective vaccine against Covid-19 with employees working full-time, the situation wasn’t “ideal.” 

Remote work was more of a temporary solution. Hwang defends that technology has been great in uniting people to work towards a common goal. However, “some things cannot be substituted, and that is the personal connection, the human touch.” 

Depending on the case, Hwang believes hybrid work could be a potential solution as remote work has proven effective for certain kinds of work.

She adds: 

“But there is also a time and place for us to come together and to get to know one another differently, and I think that human touch is absolutely essential if we’re going to continue to build strong teams and build trust,”


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