Pesto Announced $5 Million in Seed Funding

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Pesto, formerly known as Pragli, a company that focuses on turning the digital workplace more human, announced its $5 million in seed funding today. The funding has the participation from K9 Ventures, Rucker Park Capital, NextView Ventures, Collaborative Fund, Correlation Ventures, Garrett Lord, Nikil Viswanath, and Joe Lau. 

This recent funding gives Pesto the total sum of $6 million in investments. The company announced that this money would be used to hire for product design and engineering teams. It will also be used to build particular features to improve the experience of a workplace metaverse.

Pesto: The New Way to Work Remotely

Pesto focuses on offering a digitally native human workplace experience. Employees can create their avatars, and the workplace would have different rooms created by the employee. These rooms consist of organized spaces with video and screen sharing features.

Doug Safreno, one of the founders of Pesto, explained why they created a more human remote work experience:

“We founded Pesto because we were tired of being stuck between text chat tools and video conferencing. Text chat was frustrating because there was so much back-and-forth, and it took a long time for anything to happen, and video conferencing felt too formal and involved too much work to schedule. It’s also just not fun — it’s soul-sucking and demoralizing. Pesto is a more human way of working remotely.”

The company was founded in 2019. They now work with more than 10,000 teams that include companies such as aiPass, Enhatch, HiHello, and FullStory. 


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