Panama: Digital Nomad Visa and More 

panama digital nomad visa

Panama launches a new digital nomad visa and options for long-stay travelers.

Panama has always been one of the best destinations for adventure and nature lovers. With the rise of virtual work models, the country has become one of the best locations to work remotely. As a result, Panama launches a digital nomad visa among tourists and long-stay travelers options.  

In short, the digital nomad visa (Visa de Corta Estancia Como Trabajador Remoto) requires: 

  • Outcome from a foreign country
  • $36,000/year minimum income 
  • 9 months duration 
  • Option for one-time extension (18 months in total)
  • Medical insurance for the full stay 
  • Employment in the Panamanian territory no allowed 
  • $250 fee for the National Immigration Service

In addition, COVUD vaccination and other medical requirements can vary depending on the country of origin. 

Alternatives to Panama Digital Nomad Visa

However, Panama has a convenient alternative to the digital nomad visa. For example, visitors from the US; Canada; Australia; Singapore; South Korea; Japan, and most European countries need only a passport to stay 3 months. Tourists need:  

  • Tourists need a valid passport for 6 months
  • Proof of economic solvency over $500 (cash, traveler’s cheques, recent bank or credit card statements)
  • Evidence of a return flight
  • Sanitary requirements (Check the Ministry of Health of Panama, MINSA

In addition, there are two types of tourist visas:

  • Stamped Visa: Citizens from Cameroon; China; Democratic Republic of Congo; Dominican Republic; Ghana; India; Malawi; and Zimbabwe can apply to a Panamanian consulate or embassy and stay 30 days at a time.
  • Authorized Visa: Travelers from Afghanistan; Bangladesh; Benin; Egypt; Haiti; Indonesia; Lebanon; Nigeria; Suriname; Syria; and Tunisia have restricted requirements. First, they need a local sponsor to provide a recent utility bill and bank statement. Second, they need to complete the Panama visa application form. And include a valid passport and two passport photographs.

Long-stay travelers and remote workers are part of a new touristic trend. So, Panama tourists and digital nomad visas are examples of this new trend to restart local economies.


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