Best 100 Cities to Work Remotely in the U.S.


The pandemic caused millions of U.S. citizens to move across the country looking for a better lifestyle. Because of this, cities and towns are even paying cash incentives or offering benefits to those remote workers who want to relocate. 

But what are the best cities to move to? Dwellics analyzed more than 50,000 U.S. cities and compiled a list of the best 100 cities to work remotely in 2022. 

Best 100 U.S. Cities for Remote Workers

Dwellics analyzed different factors that included the areas with the highest internet speeds, best climate comfort, human safety (water, crime, natural disaster risks), infrastructure (outdoor activities, distance to the nearest airport, government spending, etc.), and finances (taxes, income taxes, cost of living index, and housing costs). 

1. Pullman, Washington (Overall score: 99.99)

2. Catalina Foothills, Arizona (Overall score: 98.64)

3. Oak Ridge, Tennessee (Overall score: 97.68)

4. Sugar Land, Texas (Overall score:96.59)

5. Gainesville, Florida (Overall score:96.26)

6. Lakeway, Texas (Overall score:96.16)

7. Frisco, Texas (Overall score:95.96)

8. Murphy, Texas (Overall score:95.36)

9. Tempe, Arizona (Overall score:95.22)

10. Tanque Verde, Arizona (Overall score:95.04)

11.Alafaya, Florida (Overall score:95)

12. Goodyear, Arizona (Overall score:94.84)

13. Brushy Creek, Texas (Overall score:94.83)

14. Chandler, Arizona (Overall score:94.65)

15. Cedar Park, Texas (Overall score:94.62)

16. Queen Creek, Arizona (Overall score:94.17)

17. Elizabethton, Tennessee (Overall score:93.95)

18. Helotes, Texas (Overall score:93.59)

19. Brookings, South Dakota (Overall score:93.24)

20.Brentwood, Tennessee (Overall score:92.89)

21.Oro Valley, Arizona (Overall score:92.8)

22.The Woodlands, Texas (Overall score:92.6)

23. Seattle, Washington (Overall score:92.48)

24. Coppell, Texas (Overall score:92.39)

25. Missouri, Texas (Overall score:92.37)

26. East Leon, Florida (Overall score:92.32)

27. Gilbert, Arizona (Overall score:92.3)

28. Selma, Texas (Overall score:91.98)

29. Johnson, Tennessee (Overall score:91.93)

30. Farragut, Tennessee (Overall score:91.89)

31.  Plano, Texas (Overall score:91.58)

32. Wylie, Texas (Overall score:91.58)

33. Orlando, Florida (Overall score:91.44)

34. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (Overall score:91.43)

35. Phoenix, Arizona (Overall score:91.39)

36. Marana, Arizona (Overall score:91.37)

37. Flower Mound, Texas (Overall score:91.34)

38. Allen, Texas (Overall score:91.18)

39. Austin, Texas (Overall score:91.16)

40. Cibolo, Texas (Overall score:91.15)

41. Milan, Tennessee (Overall score:91.04)

42. Signal Mountain, Tennessee (Overall score:90.9)

43. Winter Garden, Florida (Overall score:90.89)

44. Panama City Beach, Florida (Overall score:90.54)

45. Tallahassee, Florida (Overall score:90.51)

46. Franklin, Tennessee (Overall score:90.27)

47. Winter Springs, Florida (Overall score:90.19)

48. Vermillion, South Dakota (Overall score:89.68)

49. University, Florida (Overall score:89.33)

50. Winter Park, Florida (Overall score:89)

51. Jacksonville Beach, Florida (Overall score:88.96)

52. Nocatee, Florida (Overall score:88.76)

53. Spokane, Washington (Overall score:88.62)

54. Cheney, Washington (Overall score:88.58)

55. Northeast Leon, Florida (Overall score:88.24)

56. Spearfish, South Dakota (Overall score:88.06)

57. West Richland, Washington (Overall score:86.93)

58. Rapid, South Dakota (Overall score:85.61)

59. Pierre, South Dakota (Overall score:85.06)

60. Fulton, Maryland (Overall score:83.12)

61. Potomac, Maryland (Overall score:81.25)

62. Powell, Wyoming (Overall score:81.14)

63. Cascades, Virginia (Overall score:80.54)

64. Lander, Wyoming (Overall score:79.93)

65. North Potomac, Maryland (Overall score:79.41)

66. Lansdowne, Virginia (Overall score:78.85)

67. Houghton, Michigan (Overall score:78.29)

68. Chapel Hill, North Carolina (Overall score:78.25)

69. Brambleton, Virginia (Overall score:78.14)

70. Bethesda, Maryland (Overall score:78.03)

71. Columbia, Maryland (Overall score:77.53)

72. White Oak township, North Carolina (Overall score:77.03)

73. Carrboro, North Carolina (Overall score:76.76)

74. Broadlands, Virginia (Overall score:76.62)

75. Cedar Fork township, North Carolina (Overall score:76.53)

76. Stone Ridge, Virginia (Overall score:76.46)

77. Swarthmore, Pennsylvania (Overall score:76.46)

78. Short Pump, Virginia (Overall score:76.12)

79. Blacksburg, Virginia (Overall score:75.95)

80. Fair Lakes, Virginia (Overall score:75.91)

81. Hershey, Pennsylvania (Overall score:74.81)

82. The Village of Indian Hill, Ohio (Overall score:73.97)

83. Cheyenne East, Wyoming (Overall score:73.57)

84. Stony Brook University, New York (Overall score:72.79)

85. New Haven, Connecticut (Overall score:72.78)

86. Stillwater, Oklahoma (Overall score:72.57)

87. Hampden township, Pennsylvania (Overall score:72.39)

88. Huntsville, Alabama (Overall score:72.29)

89. Columbus, Indiana (Overall score:72.2)

90. Severance, Colorado (Overall score:72.08)

91. Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania (Overall score:71.88)

92. Nether Providence township, Pennsylvania (Overall score:71.84)

93. Northampton, Massachusetts (Overall score:71.25)

94. Morehead, Kentucky  (Overall score:70.85)

95. University of California-Davis, California (Overall score:70.84)

96. Ohio township, Indiana (Overall score:70.73)

97. Lehi, Utah (Overall score:70.38)

98. Santa Fe, New Mexico (Overall score:70.32)

99. Davis, California (Overall score:70.27)

100. South Jordan, Utah (Overall score:70.14)

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