Offices in Australia Reopen, Remote Work Persists

Australia streets empty as remote work takes over
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The pandemic has taken a lot from the world but it has also opened our eyes and broadened perspectives. Once a distant phrase, “remote work” is now right under the spotlight.

The pandemic forced the world to think differently but the good thing is that this evolution is becoming permanent. While UAE, NYC and others are marching towards a remote work culture, Australia joins the bandwagon.

Offices in Australia are reopening but people are still working from home. The “work from home” setup has become a norm and employees who have been enjoying this facility all through the pandemic don’t want to go back to the old working ways.

Three-quarters of industries saw a spike in the usage of the term “remote work” in job advertisements from February 2021 until now, Callam Pickering who is an economist at Indeed, stated in a research note.

Another trend that blends perfectly with the rise in demand for remote work in Australia is the shift of people’s choice of residence to regional areas. The remote working model enabled them to seek more affordable residences in order to have a better lifestyle.

“While local transmission of Covid-19 is low and most industries are operating at normal capacity, work-from-home arrangements remain as popular in Australia as they were at the height of the pandemic,” said Picketing, a former Reserve Bank of Australia employee.

Government data shows that in February 2021, almost twice the usual workforce worked remotely at least once week than before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pickering further added, “Workers and businesses alike want to know whether work-from-home arrangements are the new normal. Though it is too early to say, our data show little moderation in use of remote keywords thus far. Remote posting shares remain near record highs.”

With this evidence and trend, it is clear that Australians are nowhere close to letting go of their newly found better lifestyles. All thanks to the remote working model! With more and more countries and businesses making the change, we’re sure to see a happier world soon!


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