Octane AI Named As One Of The Best Companies For Remote Workers 2021

Best companies for remote workers
Photo by Slava on Unsplash

Octane AI, the zero-party data marketing platform, was recently announced as one of the best companies for remote workers on Quartz’s first global ranking program for remote companies.

The Quartz program announces and honors 54 companies that provide exceptional benefits and work culture to remote workers around the world.

“We are honored to have been selected by Quartz as a top 3 company for remote workers! When we created Octane AI in 2016 with the premise of being a fully remote company, we wanted to provide a different experience and flexibility for our employees, and this award just makes us proud of the strong culture we have built since then. We are excited to keep pushing the limits of what is possible when designing a company around not only growth, and sustainability, but in enabling the entire team to have no commute, spend more time with their family, and be happier and more fulfilled in their lives.”

Matt Schlicht, Octane AI CEO and Co-Founder

Before the pandemic, remote work was uncommon and not welcomed by many business owners. Octane AI adopted the remote work model early and built a successful and remote environment since its foundation in 2016.

“The future of remote work hinges on how adaptive and innovative companies are willing to be. That’s why Quartz’s first-ever global list of the best companies for remote workers is so important. It showcases who is already leading the way—across every time zone. These are the companies that are making it easy for employees to work from anywhere, encouraging them to get away from work when they need to, and offering great perks and practices for remote workers so they can do it all.”

Heather Landy, Quartz Executive Editor

Quartz’s Best Companies for Remote Workers was launched in 2021. The aim of this program is to recognize the companies that are building a successful remote future. The global ranking system is based on employee surveys that are conducted by the Best Companies Group.

The full list of finalists (categorized by number of employees) and additional insights from the rankings can be seen here.

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