Ocado Group Allows Staff to Work Abroad For One Month

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Photo by Persnickety Prints on Unsplash

Ocado Group employees can work abroad remotely for one month every year.

The company took this decision after rethinking their workplace policies. The pandemic changed the way of working for most of the companies across the globe and Ocado Group’s approach will let employees take a workation for one entire month every year.

According to Claire Ainscough, Ocado Group’s chief people officer, the company’s employees are still being encouraged to work from the office.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng is expecting people to work from the office at least two to three times a week even though government employees have been asked to gradually return to Whitehall.

Ocado Group Scheme Details

  • Employees who worked from home during the pandemic can continue to work remotely from locations including outside the UK. This is subject to a few restrictions.
  • This scheme is not applicable to Ocado Retail, the company’s online supermarket (jointly owned by Ocado Group and Marks & Spencer). 

According to Ms Ainscough said this move will help the staff that has families abroad as they won’t need to use up their leaves to spend time with their families anymore.

This move offers “a balance and choice” environment for the employees.

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