Novartis CEO is Expecting to Continue with Remote Work

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Novartis Chief Executive Officer Vas Narasimhan shared during an interview that they are expecting to continue with remote work in the long term. The company is planning to restructure its office space to be more suitable for a hybrid work environment. 

Companies worldwide are currently deciding whether to call all employees back to the office or continue embracing the remote work model. Amazon has agreed to continue with their office-centric culture calling employees back to the offices, while other companies like Salesforce and Ford will implement a hybrid structure.

Novartis is Embracing Remote Work

Novartis published in their blog last year what they call the “Choice of Responsibility” model. This model reveals that the company wants to continue exploring different working models and enable employees to continue working remotely, deciding where and when to work

One of the reasons why the Swiss pharma giant is looking forward to continuing with a hybrid model is because most employees have expressed performing with such a structure. However, Novartis CEO also shared in Bloomberg television why remote work is highly beneficial to them:

We think this is the future. The flexibility allows Novartis to access talent pools we would not have access to in the past. Vas Narasimhan

Narasimhan also revealed that the company would be implementing a hybrid working environment for the long term.

We’ll be looking, I think to adjust our overall footprint and then invest where appropriate.Vas Narasimhan

Like Novartis, more companies are looking forward to continuing to implement flexible work arrangements. This is mainly because employees have proven to perform better and are more productive. Yet, companies have to establish the right strategies and provide employees with the right tools if they wish to continue with this type of model for the long term. 


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