Nova Scotia: A New Destination for Remote Workers

Nova Scotia landscape

As people and businesses continue to relocate and look for new destinations, some regions worldwide continue welcoming remote workers. Nova Scotia is becoming a new destination for digital nomads and people looking for a different lifestyle. The Province of Nova Scotia started conducting marketing campaigns and webinars to incentivize people to move to the region. 

The entire world has seen and experienced a significant change in the way people worked. In Canada, approximately 40%of employees worked from home during the pandemic. And although with the implementation of vaccines, that percentage is decreasing, there is a significant quantity of people who want to continue working remotely. 

Why is Nova Scotia a New Remote Work Destination? 

Nova Scotia is becoming the ideal destination for employees and companies who want to live near nature with a low cost of living. According to Laurel Broten, the President of Nova Scotia Business Incorporated, in 2020, Nova Scotia’s population increased significantly.  

The organization aims to promote Nova Scotia as an ideal spot to work, whether as a remote employee, digital nomad, or entrepreneur. They created the Work From Nova Scotia marketing campaign that encourages people to take the leap and move to the Canadian province. 

Laurel commented at CBC Radio’s Information Morning: 

This campaign came about of a recognition that people are working from anywhere now. So we, along with our sister Crown corporations, developed this campaign that says, “If you’re working from anywhere, why not work from here? Laurel Broten

One of the reasons people are relocating is because of the costs. The pandemic opened a range of possibilities for people who were used to the ‘big expensive city’ lifestyle. Instead of paying overpriced departments, they could move to a quiet cheaper area. 

People have different priorities than the ones they had before the pandemic. It is not only about work itself but also about having a good work-life balance, something that is possible when working remotely. 


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