NomadsBA 2022: The Biggest Digital Nomad Conference in Latin America

NomadsBA, the biggest international digital nomad conference in Latin America, took place for the second time in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The event gathered remote work experts, entrepreneurs, and governmental figures that discussed how Argentina is a great location for digital nomads and people seeking flexibility, an innovative culture, and opportunities to expand professionally. 

The conference took place in El Planetario, one of Buenos Aires most tourist locations. Here are some of the highlights of the event!

NomadsBA: Argentina, a Great Digital Nomad Destination

The conference overall had speakers who discussed various topics about Argentina. Fernando Straface, General Secretary and International Relations of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires inaugurated the event by sharing some interesting facts about Buenos Aires.

He shared how according to NomadList, Buenos Aires and Singapore are the cities with the highest digital nomad growth during 2022. One of the reasons why nomads choose the city is because it is a vibrant city where things happen. It’s well known for its diversity and its coexistence of those who are different, from political ideas and sexual orientations to cultural backgrounds and more. 

Other speakers, such as Fernanda Alvarez, Cintia Soles, and Rogelio Biazzi, focused their speeches on talking about cities in Argentina, such as Buenos Aires, Tandil, and Rosario, sharing key insights about innovations, activities, and growth, making them attractive hotspots among international travelers. 

Why Do Nomads Love Argentina?   

“They´re passionate” was the first thing Dustin Luke, influencer and content creator with more than 300K followers, said when asked this question by one of the interviewers. 

Dustin Luke was also one of the event’s highlights, sharing what led to him becoming the “most Argentinian Yankee.” He fell in love with the country when he was in Spain and became friends with an Argentinian whom he describes as “passionate and loving.”

During the interview, Dustin shares that Buenos Aires is one of his favorite places on earth because of the people. Everyone is welcoming, and there´s such a diversity of cultures and mindsets. 

He also shared that being an ex-pat and learning to adapt to a new culture is all about being open-minded.


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