The NIIC Introduces New Flexible Workspace Design

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The Northeast Indiana Innovation Center (NIIC) launched its new Safe Spaces Program – a flexible workspace design for entrepreneurs and businesses looking for a different productive office environment. 

The pandemic made businesses rethink their entire business structure. It not only impacted how people worked but also where. Now that things are slowly getting back to normal, companies are embracing a flexible lifestyle. But this doesn’t mean that the office is forgotten. It means the workspace is also shifting towards a more collaborative environment. 

Safe Spaces Program – The NIIC Flexible Workspace Initiative

The Northeast Indiana Innovation Center announced its new flexible workspace design that invites all types of entrepreneurs looking for a different way to work. The program transforms the traditional cubicle designs into modern coworking areas with customized office pods. In collaboration with YOURspace, a local partner, the NIIC provides Northeast Indiana’s entrepreneurial community two different flexible workspace experiences:

1. Cabana

Cabana provides a professional alternative to informal workspaces such as coffee shops or coworking hubs. It offers great wi-fi connection and also flexible hourly options for remote workers. 

2. Oasis 

This new experience replaces the open cubicles with an enclosed modular office to create a private working space. It’s the perfect spot to increase productivity and for those entrepreneurs looking for a high-quality, affordable space to work. 

These innovative, flexible spaces offer the opportunity to gather with your team in a collaborative atmosphere rather than in the traditional office setup. 

Now more than ever, entrepreneurs and small businesses want to get back to a safe, productive work environment. They miss the entrepreneurial community, connectedness, and culture of working with and interacting with others. These innovative experiences offer more options for returning to an office environment.Mike Fristch, NIICs Director of Revenue and Senior Entrepreneur in Residence. 

The traditional office setup is changing. Companies are looking forward to having more collaborative environments, as many of them are implementing hybrid models. Employees will work from home and at the office or in alternative spaces that allow them to have quality teamwork. 


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