In Nigeria Online Education Has Increased to 72%

online education

According to The Future of Urban Reality Report, online education has increased to 72% in Nigerian schools and 62% in universities. As the pandemic has made the country’s situation critical, it’s expected that online education remains during 2021. 

The pandemic increased the adoption of remote work all over the world. Last year most companies closed their onsite offices and encouraged their employees to stay home. Universities and schools did the same. In Nigeria, the adoption of online education keeps increasing. 

Online Education and Remote Work in Nigeria

Online education and remote work adoption had a significant increase during the past months. However, “The Future of Urban Reality Report,” created by Ericsson ConsumerLab, reported that both online education and remote work are expected to remain at 29%. 

Additionally, the report also shares insights about increased online shopping, from 37% to 52%. It is expected that online shopping will remain at the level of 44% after the pandemic.  


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