New Jersey: The Best State for Remote Work

New Jersey

According to the new roundup from WalletHub, the best state for remote work is New Jersey. The other best states are the District of Columbia, Delaware, and Connecticut. The study analyzed work environment and living environment factors to determine the best US states for remote workers. 

As the pandemic led companies to switch to flexible work arrangements permanently, many people started moving across states to build a different lifestyle. However, not all states are suitable for remote work. 

What are the Best States for Remote Workers?

WalletHub compared 50 states taking into account two main categories: Work environment and living environment. These categories had 12 listed metric factors:

Work Environment

  • Share of workers working from home
  • Share of potential telecommuters
  • Household internet access
  • Cybersecurity

Living Environment

  • Average retail price of electricity
  • Access to affordable internet plans
  • Internet cost
  • Median square feet per household member
  • Share of detached housing units
  • Average home square footage
  • Share of homes for sale (1,000+ square feet)
  • Share of homes for sale (with swimming pool) 

These factors revealed the best states for remote work:

RankStateTotal Score
1New Jersey66.75
2District of Columbia64.29
10New York61.11

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