10 Best States for Remote Work

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Every other country and every other state is now a proud promoter of remote work or hybrid work. This is going to continue because this is how the world plans to march forward during and after the pandemic.

There are some states that are better than others in terms of the overall lifestyle of a digital nomad. Many factors together decide this. For instance, some states are less crowded, offer better internet connection speed and have more reasonably priced accommodation.

Highest Number of Households with Remote Workers

According to the Census Bureau data,

  • The District of Columbia : 61.8%
  • Utah : 52.7%
  • Maryland : 50.2%
  • Massachusetts : 49.5%
  • New Jersey : 49.4%

Why are these numbers so high? The Census’ Household Pulse Survey data (3rd-15th March, 2021) revealed that these households with remote workers had better health, enjoyed a higher income and better education levels.

Another WalletHub report from Tuesday put Utah and New Jersey under the spotlight. These are the states that provide the best work-from-home conditions. The report takes into consideration a wide range of metrics like cybersecurity, internet access, average residence sizes. U.S. Energy Information Administration, Global Workplace Analytics and U.S. Census Bureau data is used to derive such conclusions.

10 Best States for Remote Workers

According to WalletHub, these 10 states are:

  • Delaware
  • New Hampshire
  • North Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Tennessee
  • Arizona
  • New Jersey
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Oregon

As time goes by, there will be more and more households from more states and countries rooting for remote work. This list will keep evolving as we will continue to have new entries in the remote work world. We will keep an eye on that. For now, those digital nomads who are looking for a new place to live in, take your pick!

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