PassportCard Launches A New Insurance For Digital Nomads

insurance for digital nomads

PassportCard launches a new type of insurance for digital nomads. With this card, travelers can get health coverage everywhere without paperwork.

As a result of the global pandemic, over 4.8 million remote workers are calling themselves digital nomads. Following the growing demand for travel insurance, PassportCard launches this new service. 

Back in 2020, PassportCard Deutschland launched a health insurance product in Germany. The service provided 24/7on–call medical advice in Germany. People loved the project to avoid risky contacts with doctors during the pandemic. 

Now, PassportCard promotes new insurance for digital nomads. The product targets ex-pat families, digital nomads, and travelers. When someone makes a claim, PassportCard pays in real-time. The customer doesn’t pay in advance. As a result, the company developèerd a card that clients can top-up in advance. The calculated amount will pay the doctor’s office, without additional paperwork for customers and service providers.

This insurance for digital nomads affordable and flexible plans despite the location. As PassportCard Nomads CEO, Leor Catalan, said: “Now is a really important time for PassportCard, as we enhance our offering and respond to demand during this ongoing, challenging time for the world. Our end-to-end, digital insurance product is a creation of diligent marketplace analysis and our commitment to putting customers and their needs first.”

Most companies extend their hybrid and remote models, so more people travel while working. So, PassportCard is one of the first examples following this trend. This insurance for digital nomads is flexible and affordable, allowing safe travel without paperwork. 


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