Neiman Marcus Will be Opening a New Office Hub for Remote Workers

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus announced the opening of a new office hub that will adapt to the company´s hybrid workplace culture. 

The company had filed for bankruptcy protection in late 2020; they had to shed over $4 billion in debt. The luxury chain had to let go thousands of employees and closed two buildings in Dallas. But now, they are finalizing a deal for the new offices, which will be home to hundreds of employees. 

Neiman Marcus Hybrid Work Model

The Dallas-based company will be opening the new office hub, which will be part of the flexible work environment built over the pandemic. Neiman Marcus allows its employees to decide how and where they work to maximize their effectiveness. 

The company said that having adaptable work schedules has enabled them to increase talent retention and acquisition. Additionally, during the pandemic, the corporate culture, besides becoming more flexible, has also made an effort to make employees happier.

Eric Severson, the Executive Vice President and Chief People and Belonging officer, has focused on tackling issues related to gender pay, diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

“Any discussion on creating a space where our associates can collaborate and co-create will be offered in addition to giving associates flexibility. Retention of associates has gone up, and the time to fill an open position has gone down due to the flexibility and remote options that we provide our associates since implementing this policy.”Eric Severson – NY Post


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