National Compliment Day: How to Celebrate It When Your Team is Remote

National Compliment Day

Are you a part of a company where you feel like you actually belong? It is a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? Everyone wants to work in a company where they feel valued, appreciated and cared for. 

If you know of someone who feels burnt out, unproductive or takes more offs than usual, it is mainly because they are undervalued at their workplace. This is why it is important to celebrate National Compliment Day, whether you are an employer or a team member. 

What Is National Compliment Day, And Why Do We Celebrate It?

24th of January is going to be here soon and do you know what you should do? Give your employee (or colleague) a compliment. It is National Compliment Day, after all. It is the day to make someone happy, spread positive praise, and enjoy the warmth of someone’s glow. 

Back in 1998, two women, Kathy Chamberlin and Debby Hoffman got together and decided to make this day one to be celebrated with positivity and praise. You may think that your employees are amazing, especially because of all their hard work. But how often do you take the time out to tell them?

This is where National Compliment Day comes in. It reminds you to voice your admiration for others and give them a sincere compliment. It can make them feel good and make your day better too!

But how important is this day for companies? What are its benefits? 

How Does National Compliment Day Help With Team Building?

If you want your employees to feel positive and creative every workday, you need to appreciate them more. This is only possible if you give them genuine compliments and boost their morale. 

Remember, a motivated employee is a productive and happy one, and this helps them enjoy working. Below are some other benefits that you can reap by giving compliments to your hardworking employees and appreciating their dedication. 

1. Enhances Performance

Do you know the secret to an engaged team member? It is happiness and appreciation. When your employees start to enjoy working for you, they become creative and productive. They tend to continue being at your organization. It also makes them calm and able to tackle difficult situations with ease. 

While giving a compliment sounds like a small gesture, it can make someone’s day and keep them emotionally, intellectually, and mentally robust. 

2. Improves Bonds

Rachel Wolchin once said, “be mindful when it comes to your words. A string of some that don’t mean much to you may stick with someone else for a lifetime.” 

Appreciating someone is a great way to create an optimistic ripple, especially when you are remote and do not have any in-person interactions with your employees. The lack of physical connection may make them feel alienated, but with the right words, you can tell them how much you value their hard work. 

You should also remember that no project at your organization will be successful without team efforts. At one point, tasks will demand coordination and be interdependent. In virtual teams, it is challenging to align the team, but do you know what will make this process easier? If the team has a strong bond

National Compliment Day is an excellent opportunity to start a culture of appreciation at your virtual workplace. With the simplest efforts, you can make a significant impact on both professional and personal levels. 

3. Promotes Positivity

A positive organization is created when its employees are willing to celebrate the good things in life at every moment. Once you start giving your employees compliments and showing them appreciation, you will boost their mental, spiritual, intellectual, and physical well-being. 

Do these benefits make you want to start preaching positivity right away? Well, here are some virtual appreciation activities that you can use on National Compliment Day and take it forward from there. 

Make National Compliment Day Special For Your Remote Team!

1. Have A Virtual Party

On this National Compliment Day, you can have a virtual party for all your remote employees! Beyond giving compliments, these parties are a great way for all your employees to come together. 

Don’t know how to start planning a great virtual party? Well, all you need is your laptop, a pair of noise-canceling headphones, and a working internet connection. Then, you can send out calendar invitations to all the invitees and attach a meeting link. 

If you are feeling generous, you can also give them a gift card for a local restaurant and allow them to expense a meal for the event. Good food and good mood everywhere!

2. Give A Social Media Shout Out

Almost everyone uses Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn these days. So, why don’t you show appreciation for your employees by complimenting them in front of the whole world? It is bound to make their chest swell with pride.

For this, all you need is a good picture of each team member, their position, department, and name. Then, take the time out to write down some of their important achievements, and voila! Your social media shoutout will be ready to go!

3. Digital Gift Cards

Are you searching for creative ways to celebrate employees remotely? Why don’t you send them a digital gift card to a local retail store along with a compliment and make their day? After all, everyone loves free stuff. It is also a great token of appreciation. 

The gift card that you send can be for widespread stores like Starbucks. Or you can also make them a bit more personal by doing some research on team members and providing them with credit to a store that aligns with their interests. 

4. E-greetings

Waking up to compliments on National Compliment Day can make someone’s day, week, month, and maybe even year. It is also an easy and convenient way to show your team members that you value and appreciate all the efforts they make. 

Remember, if you want your e-greeting to stand out on this special day, write a personalized note. Employees love being seen and will develop added respect for you. 

Making Someone’s Day 

Has anyone given you a genuine compliment, and it made your day and brought a smile to their face too? Have you ever complimented someone from your heart and felt warm inside due to their instant grin?

Good words spoken from the heart can inspire people, make them happy, and spread positivity everywhere. They can leave behind a deep impact on a person’s life, and this is your chance to make a difference in your team member’s life. 

So, what will you do on the upcoming National Compliment Day?


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