Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman Plans To Get Employees Back To Office

Back to office
Photo by Israel Andrade on Unsplash

Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman focussed on getting employees back to office.

Employees who wish to work from home are in “Jobland,” according to Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman, and must return to the office – or “Careerland” – if they want to focus on developing their talents.

According to Bloomberg, Gorman remarked during a keynote speech at the Australian Financial Review Business Summit in Sydney, “A lot of us have gone into the mindset of ‘Jobland.” “Well, if you’re in ‘Careerland,’ you need to be around other people to learn from them a bit.”

Gorman expressed concern about people’s ability to build “career skills” while working remotely, away from coworkers, rather than whether they are being unproductive or slacking off while at home.

Here’s what Gorman said, as per Bloomberg:

“My job running a company is to make sure that we train and develop our employees as professionals to do the job we need them to do.”James Gorman, CEO, Morgan Stanley

When pandemic measures began to be loosened, senior executives at large investment banks were among the first to demand for their employees to return to their offices. According to the Financial Times, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan asked its bankers to return to work in February.

Others financial institutions like Wells Fargo and American Express who had allowed remote work during the pandemic are planning to return to office in early March, according to Bloomberg.

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