MFTBC Introduces NOMADPro CANTER Concept Vehicle for Remote Workers

Vehicle for remote workers
Photo by Nicole Geri on Unsplash

The “NOMADPro CANTER” is a concept vehicle by the Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation that may serve as a mobile office. A FUSO light-duty Canter vehicle called the “NOMADPro CANTER” has been modified with the idea of harnessing the therapeutic power of nature. The car serves as a cozy mobile office and presents a fresh alternative to the remote work way of life.

The “NOMADPro CANTER” makes use of a two-wheel drive Canter type with a wing body, which is well-liked in Japan and abroad for a variety of purposes. The truck was modified to provide customers with a comfortable space to work remotely, showcasing new opportunities for vehicle utilization. A mobile table and easily-stowed benches are included with the truck, which may be used to set up a workspace for up to two persons. The vehicle also has a kitchen, washroom, and shower space, as well as a retractable bed. Even though the area is small, opening the side wing of the car instantly connects users to the outside and gives the room a feeling of openness that can be enjoyed even from a desk.

The “NOMADPro CANTER” offers a mobile workspace and suggests a fresh method of working from home. The coronavirus pandemic has quickly increased interest in remote work and digital nomadism, changing the way people think about work all across the world. These ways of living can sometimes result in social isolation and a lack of activity, although offering a number of benefits like shorter commutes and greater flexibility. MFTBC intends to promote the advantages of a healthy work-life balance and communicate its support for the psychological and physical well-being of its employees through the “NOMADPro CANTER” and the remote work system adopted even before the pandemic.

In 2023, the “NOMADPro CANTER” will be displayed on official FUSO digital channels, at vehicle shows, and during road travels in the Kanto region of Japan. The concept vehicle is not for sale to the general public and is only to be used by their employees.

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