Mauritius: Premium Visa Scheme For Digital Nomads 

premium visa scheme

After the global pandemic, most people prefer to travel and work, staying longer in different places. The Mauritius government launches a premium visa scheme for digital nomads, jumping into a global trend

In 2022, Mauritius aims to reach one million tourists. Since the reopening in March 2022, the Indian Ocean island has been welcoming almost 300,000 tourists. During the first two months this year, it reached 93,000 travelers. According to, nearly 80% of Mauritius’ inbound tourists come from Europe. Following the first COVID outbreak, most travelers stay for a minimum of 14 days – instead of 10. 

As a result, the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority launches the “Where Else But Mauritius” campaign. The premium visa scheme for digital nomads aims to attract different tourists. As ministry director Arvind Bundhun said, “The demand is very high among this digital nomads and retirees segment. Around 3000 people have applied for the premium visa, 2000 of them have already arrived in Mauritius.”

In addition, the island targets families, destination wedding planners, film production groups, and the business world for conferences and international meetings. Besides the premium visa scheme for digital nomads, the island promotes luxury estates. In July 2020, Mauritius decreased to $375,000 the minimum purchase price for non-citizens to buy properties under the Integrated Resort Scheme.

Long-stay incentives and premium visa schemes for digital nomads and travelers are the new strategies for tourism. 


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