Master Remote Work Professional Course: MSU Extension with USU Extension

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The Utah State University (USU) Extension developed a remote work professional course that will give workers the required tools and skills for transitioning into a virtual career from a traditional on-site work lifestyle.

The University of Montana Extension also became a partner with the USU Extension and will also be offering the Master Remote Work Professional course.

Remote Work Professional Course Details

  • The course is currently being offered in Montana.
  • The 4-week course is priced at 199 USD. It will be offered all year except for July and December.
  • A total of 30 hours, the course requires approximately 6-8 hours a week to complete.
  • The course also entails online workshops held once a week and each session is for one hour.
  • Participants will also receive help to find a remote job after course completion.

For more information about the course, click here.

The pandemic has changed a lot of things. Among all the losses and adverse effects, remote work is one of the positive outcomes. It has changed how people work and live their lives as well. From long commuting hours and lesser work-life balance, everything has moved to saving time and money while being able to spend more time with loved ones.

At a time like this, a professional course in remote work is a good one to opt for. It can help one understand what goes into working remotely and how it is different from what most of us have been doing for years. It can help ease the shift for those who are not used to a remote work lifestyle because remote work is here to stay and so is the work-life balance.

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