New Co-Working Space App And Website In Manchester

co-working space app and website

Phoenix Digital launched a new co-working space app and website. The platform allows booking a seat in the new workspace SEESAW in Manchester. 

SEESAW is a platform for distance learning and online activities. The organization launched a new co-working space in Manchester. 

The new location offers: 

  • Creative workspace
  • A café 
  • Private studios
  • Hotdesking
  • Meeting rooms 
  • Roof terrace  
  • Communal foyer 

In addition, the workspace offers a basement for exhibitions and workshop spaces.

After the inauguration, Phoenix Digital created a new co-working space app and website. The platform allows booking desks and paid invoices with individual accounts. Further, the app integrates with SEESAW’s IT system on a retainer basis.

Davinia Hamilton-Maddox and Chris Gibson founded the MediaCityUK-based agency in 2017. The agency specialized in web development and user experience. Since the beginning, they built a customer support website for the brand leaders such as Argos. 

About this new project, Hamilton-Maddox said: “We’re invested socially in this project given that the pandemic has caused an increase in mental health issues as a result of isolation […] So, to have worked with SEESAW in offering flexible, affordable space for solopreneurs and small businesses to be part of a community has been highly rewarding.”

The remote work trend will stay. Therefore, SEESAW and Phoenix Digital promote an inclusive workplace to combine socialization and remote work. With the co-working space app and website, users can book a desk and different activities to lighten up the working schedule. 


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