Malaysia: Local Workforce Prefers Remote Work But Ask For Better Work Conditions

Malaysia remote work

The Work Trend Index from Microsoft surveyed over 30,000 people in 31 countries. Interviewing 1,000 remote workers in Malaysia, the study finds a general preference for remote work models and their benefits. The Index identified multiple emerging trends in Malaysia, which will be a model for future hybrid scenarios.

According to the Microsoft survey, 77% of Malaysians prefer permanent flexible remote work options, while 75% miss more in-person time with their teams. According to this preference, 62% of Malaysian business leaders consider redesigning theFir businesses with hybrid models. 

Adjusting Remote Work Models 

The studies on remote work in Malaysia also reveal other results. 58% of the local workforce feel overwhelmed as boundaries between personal and professional life blur. According to the survey, self-assessed productivity is steadily increasing in the past year. Especially those between the age of 18 and 25 are struggling to balance workload and personal responsibilities (69%). 

Alongside a busy schedule, the main struggles for remote workers are isolation and low motivation. In addition, most remote workers suffer from a lack of physical interactions with colleagues (38%). However, virtual scenarios create moments of interaction. 22% of remote workers said they cried with a colleague. Likewise, 14% and 26% met their colleagues’ pets and families with video calls. 44% of Malaysians prefer distributed teams because they can be themselves during the day.

After a year of adjustments, 44% of Malaysians want to stay remote and plan to move to a new location. As chief marketing & operations officer Microsoft Malaysia, Michal Golebiewski, states, “The pandemic has proven that organizations can and must trust their people to be productive from anywhere, and anytime.” 

Many companies are transitioning to hybrid and remote models after 2020 pandemic. While remote work benefits are appreciated worldwide, businesses are adjusting their models to improve the remote work experience. 


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