New Affordable Co-working Space in Malaysia

affordable co-working space

Co-founder and Executive Director of luxury co-working space Colony, Timothy Tiah, announced a new project. A new affordable co-working space, Jerry, will open soon. 

Recently, the Malaysian government extended a nationwide lockdown. As a result, people must work from home, gatherings are forbidden, and traveling is largely restricted. Demands for shared workplaces arise as the lockdown starts over. Subsequently, Tiah launched Jerry, a new affordable co-working space. 

Jerry: New Affordable Co-working Space For Solo Remote Workers And Larger Teams

To sum up, the space targets business owners and entrepreneurs with flexible office spaces and affordable packages. In addition to a dynamic community, the new space provides a reachable location with fat internet and comfortable offices. Accessible with a hotel-style booking system, Jerry has 6,000 square feet spaces – instead of the usual 20,000-35,000 square feet spaces for the luxury co-working Colony.

Unlike typical co-working spaces, Jerry offers modular 1, 2, and 4-person private rooms. Inspired by hotel models, Tiah launches solo co-working space plans without hot desks. After that, it’s possible for larger teams to book multiple rooms, avoiding a membership subscription for larger and pricier offices. Finally, cancellation is possible at any time.

As Tiah states: “We bet that if we made the office rental cheap enough and flexible enough that they can cancel anytime if they didn’t like it… then they would book online. We only opened a few days ago, and it’s working! People are renting offices even for a year without having to tour them. That’s probably a first for the office rental industry.”

Here are the prices for solo remote workers in comparison: 

Coworking space (TTDI)TypePrice per month (RM)
Jerry1 pax private office299
WORQ1 pax hot desk400
se|tempat1 pax hot desk350
Common Ground1 pax hot desk699

In conclusion, Jerry offers an affordable co-working space for solo remote workers and larger teams. Lockdowns and restrictions are coming back. So, this initiative opens the way to affordable and alternative shared workplaces.


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