Lyft Allows Office Employees to Work Remotely in 2022

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Lyft will allow employees to work remotely during 2022. The company initially had planned that all employees would return to the office in February of next year, but due to COVID-19 concerns, they readjusted their reopening plans. 

With the new COVID-19 variant Omicron and the rise of cases in some locations, companies worldwide are readjusting their work plans. For some, returning to the office was never part of the plan. But for those looking forward to a hybrid work model, likely they’ll have to delay returning to the office for a few months – or year. 

Lyft Will Work Remotely During 2022

Lyft announced this week that all employees will be able to work remotely during 2022. While the new variant and overall the pandemic situation is one of the reasons, it’s not the only reason. The company also wants to provide the staff with more flexibility.

In an email to MarketWatch, Lyft explained that

We’ve heard from our team members that they value continued flexibility in determining where they work and would benefit from additional time to plan. We want to give people a choice for all of next year. Offices will fully reopen as planned in February, but working from the office will be completely optional for all of 2022.

Other companies such as Google are also delaying returning to the office as they want to be confident employees will be safe. Uber also delayed its return date indefinitely, and Meta said it would still reopen at the end of January. Still, employees will have the option to postpone their return until as late as June. 

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