According to LinkedIn, Here´s How to Increase the Number of Job Applicants 


According to the State of the Labor Market by LinkedIn, there´s a misalignment regarding what job seekers want and what companies offer. Only 14% of job postings on LinkedIn indicate they are open to remote work, while these job postings attract 50% of the applications that people submit to the platform. 

The report states that there are two job markets in the US. The market for remote work and the market of onsite jobs. The first is still strong, while the second is cooling down, as most employees want flexible work arrangements.

Increase Job Applicants by Offering Remote Work

Rand Ghayad, head of economics and global labor markets at LinkedIn, explained to The Washington Post that there´s a great remote work mismatch. If employers were willing to allow remote work, they´d significantly increase the pool of employees to choose from. 

Employees want flexibility, but employers are still refusing to give it. 

Likewise, Nicolas Bloom, who has been studying remote work and productivity for years, predicted that there are three types of employees:

1. 50% who can´t work from home because their jobs don´t allow for it, such as police officers, airline pilots, and restaurant workers.

2. 40% have hybrid arrangements, leadership, and management responsibilities and insist that face-to-face contact equals productivity. 

3. 10% who can work from anywhere. They are productive without having to go to an office, are highly skilled, and work in service roles. 


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