Lessons to Become a Digital Nomad. 

become a digital nomad

Costa Rica is providing lessons to short-term tourists to become a digital nomad.

After the pandemic, Costa Rica was one of the latest countries to launch a convenient visa scheme. However, the solution brought several benefits after the pandemic. So, last July, Costa Rica launched a series of lessons to change your life while traveling. 

Participating in this program, short-term travelers can stay in the country for up to three months and have the chance to extend their visa for two years. In addition, they are allowed to:

– Open a bank account

– Exempt from income taxes

– Use their driver’s license 

– Pay no import taxes on remote work equipment

These lessons helps people to become digital nomad. The program helps tourists to settle down and organize their financial situation. Moreover, the classes support knowing the culture and organizing a healthy l.ife style to work and enjoy the country.  

Attracting digital nomads has different challenges for locals. However, they are a good resource for restarting the local economy after the pandemic. Currently, the government thinks that those participating in the program are already in the country. And it’s an excellent strategy to push the local economy. 

So, new classes to become digital nomads are an example of attracting healthy tourism for the country. 


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