Latvia For Remote Workers! 

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Latvia is full of remote workers. According to recent stats, most residents – one in three – kept working from home even after the pandemic. 

after the pandemic, the country launched several initiatives to promote work-from-home arrangements. From remote training for students to a visa for digital nomads, the Eastern country is one of the best places to travel and work. And now, residents are also taking remote work benefits.

According to the survey: 

  • 68% of employees work in a physical workplace
  • 24% with hybrid arrangements 
  • 8% work from home, Latvian Radio reported on August 29.

The number of on-site workers went down by over 10% compared to pre-pandemic levels. In Latvia, remote workers kept increasing steadily, following a worldwide trend. Namely, numbers increased from 4% to 8% for remote work and 18% to 24% for hybrid workers.

According to local laws, employers could compensate their employees €30/month for working from home. In addition, extra benefits were allowed to cover internet and electricity bills. 

Working from home brings numerous challenges. However, during the pandemic, employers had time to improve their workplaces and virtual settings. So, most people in Latvia prefer being remote workers even in post-pandemic times. 


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