LARVOL Announces VR-first And Remote-always Plans

VR-first and remote-always

LARVOL announced its VR-first and remote-always plan for the upcoming year. The pharmaceutical company will partner with VR/AR collaboration platform Spatial and VR firm M2 Studio. The aim is to run the company from augmented reality improving the remote workflow.

LARVOL is a pharmaceutical and biotech industry leader in data and AI technologies. LARVOL CEO, Bruno Larvol, announced its VR-first and remote-always expectations for the company. The 180+ employees won’t communicate through internal video meetings or conference calls. Instead, for the upcoming year, team members will work with email and phone in the metaverse.

As Larvol states: “The future of business is in the metaverse. And we want to explore every angle of its use for workplace collaboration and the future of cancer research and drug development.”

LARVOL VR-first And Remote-always Plan

From Oculus Quest 2 to HoloLens, employees will work in virtual environments. Spatial and M2 Studio will provide VR collaborative workplaces.

Pioneering new technologies, Larvol has been a remote company since 2004. Larvol aims to experiment with remote work models and augmented reality.

As the CEO says: “If you’re going to take a rocket to Mars, you first have to spend a year in the desert preparing for the voyage. We are the first business colony on the metaverse. And we have to think like pioneers on a rocket ship to the future. So, we need to spend a year fully invested in the atmosphere of the metaverse.”

Calling himself the ‘CEO of metaverse,’ Bruno will share his experience on Social Media and regular events with the partners Spatial and M2 Studio. The CEO wants to promote the VR-first and remote-always philosophy. So, he aims to guide other businesses in improving distributed teams’ experience with new technologies. 

To conclude, the remote work trend is transforming employees’ habits and companies’ structures.


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