For Labor Secretary “Flexibility is Key”

Dept of Labor Building

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh said during an interview with Politico that during these times, America has the opportunity to reset the workforce with remote work. Remote work provides flexibility and different opportunities. 

Remote work is loved or hated. But, generally speaking, studies have shown how employees seek flexibility overall. And most companies have adapted to the new demands of the workforce. 

US Labor Secretary Embraces Remote Work 

For Marty Walsh, understanding why people sought remote work and overall flexibility weren´t easy. He mentioned during a recent interview that at the beginning when companies were figuring out how to handle their business with the pandemic, he thought everyone should return to the office. 

He wanted to build an action-oriented culture that supported his agenda that emphasized worker training to help improve skills for people with lower education or who faced historical discrimination. For him, face to face was the only way to go as “that´s the way it had always been.”

Almost two years later, he acknowledges that he was wrong in believing that it was impossible to do all of his plans virtually. Now, he has become a remote work sympathizer. He mentioned: 

“There’s something to be said for flexibility. I don’t think it should be the responsibility of the federal government to tell businesses how to operate, but what we should do is create a space for people to have conversations.” 

Walsh also mentioned how surprised he was to experience how remote work makes sense for nowadays society. 

“I think it’s a change of mindset” 


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